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How and where to do live betting

How and where to do live betting

Betting on the line, which gives the booker before the match is difficult because many people and programs have worked on it, much easier to work in the life when the line can follow just one person and the strength of the office drops dramatically.

The main thing in live betting is the ability to make decisions by watching the course of the match, rather than relying only on statistical data and past games of the team, which could be a long time ago. Often after the first minutes of a sporting event, whether it be a tennis or soccer match, you can see the mood of the players and their physical condition. It is also important when betting on the total because sometimes even the same team can hold two different speeds and spectacular matches.

How and where to make live bets

Live betting without a strategy poses a considerable danger to inexperienced or lacking enough equanimity bettors. Many people, thinking to get the “fast money”, bet without thinking. Others place a bet to cheer on one of the teams without being sure of their choice.

Live vs. Prime Match. What’s the difference?

The task in pre-match predictions is to find the most expected results of several events, then they are often put in an express, because the most probable outcome has a small odds.

In pre-match betting, a person does not care how the match went and it does not add to the experience of understanding the chosen sport (league). After the match you see a loss and any analytics is out of the question, or a win and euphoria overwhelms any desire to comprehend the situation, because everything is going well.

  • The fundamental difference between live betting – 100% attention in real time = a completely different level, it requires a different intellectual and psychological components.
  • In live betting the profitable activity is similar to stock trading.

The task is to buy an event, which satisfies the condition: K (odds) x probability >1. After such purchase the player does not know how the match will end, but he can be sure that this deal will bring income at a distance (after N bets).

  • K is a parameter, calculated by a bookmaker, the coefficient reflects the probability of the event plus a margin of 3-6 percent.

Probability – a parameter determined by you. Determined on the basis of personal experience in the analysis of the course of the game, taking into account the opinion of the bookmakers (analysis of their line). If your assumption about probability coincides with a coefficient in several bookmakers, and your booker either slows down, or has gone for a smoke and the condition K x ver. >1 is fulfilled, we make a stake at a rate of 0.75, from calculated by Kelly criterion.

  • So, task 1 in live betting is to work out a strategy of finding the events which the bookmaker’s office has wrongly evaluated.
  • №2. Be careful with forks, your strategy should answer the question: “what will happen if the 2nd outcome bet fails”.
  • №2. A common mistake is fixing a small profit with the opposite deal in the same or another office. Some bookmakers allow you to close a bet before the actual end of the event. All this worsens the player’s balance. Psychologically a person is happy with any profit, but in case of losses is like a penguin on a toad, ready to watch while they are growing. As a result: correct predictions mean a small income, erroneous ones mean a big minus.

Choice of sport

In sports such as snooker, table tennis and lawn tennis where any mistake of the athletes leads to a dramatic change of odds, you can try to catch forks by betting on mutually exclusive events with odds greater than 2.0, staying in the plus regardless of the outcome of the match.

Live tennis strategies are interesting – a line-maker has to change odds often, he is more often mistaken or does not have time to change them in time. Still volleyball, at 19-21 they can give odds on the underdog. In volleyball they may give outsider odds 6, I’ve been punished more than once, they often give wrong score – people get fooled and overpowered => the outcome.

Requires solid experience to determine the moment of the bet, ideally the further situation should be in your favor. In tennis the attractive moment is when in the middle of the set the serve is drained, of course taking into account the pattern of previous games.

Time usually goes to a fraction of a second, so that the window with the current odds I always have open, all that remains is to press one button.

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